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Of Lies, Stem Cells, and Hope

by Rob Schwarzwalder

June 13, 2012

Sometimes, you need to call ‘em like you see ‘em.

That’s what Dr. Wesley Smith, an ally of FRC who has appeared on Tony Perkins’ webcast on health reform, has done in his new article, “Fat Stem Cells into Bone Casts Light on Advocates Lies.”

As he documents in his piece, too often proponents of embryonic stem cell (ESCR) research do what small children do when caught in a fib - they just “make stuff up.” Yet ESCR champions are still given visibility and credibility by those in the media, government, and academia for whom ethical limits on scientific research are not boundary-markers but legalistic inconveniences.

That’s sad, both because of its moral dimensions for nascent human persons - embryos - and for the caliber of honest scientific and political debate in our country. As Dr. Smith says, “Reasonable people can differ about ethical issues. But, if we are to have reasoned debates, the public must be told the truth. Too often in the ESCR and animal rights debates … that doesnt happen.”

It’s also regrettable because as the hard science repeatedly demonstrates, ethical adult stem cell research works. Earlier today, what some are calling a “breakthrough for arthritic knees” was described in the Australian publication Body and Soul:

The treatment is called fat-derived stem cell therapy. It supports the regeneration of joint and tendon disease by harvesting adult stem cells from the patient’s own fat specifically adipose tissue, found in the abdominal region. The cells are injected into the affected area to replace lost or damaged cells, reducing inflammation and encouraging the repair and regrowth of healthy tissue. Although fat-derived stem cell therapy is still in its infancy, early results indicate it may lead to cartilage regeneration, delaying the need for joint replacement by 10 or 20 years and possibly, if the disease is treated at the early stage, stop its progression altogether.

FRCs Dr. David Prentice has advanced adult stem cell therapies with courage and energy for years. You can read more about his efforts and view FRCs videos on ethical adult stem cell treatments that unlike ESC treatments actually work at Stem Cell Research Facts.

A Stem Cell Victory for Patients

by Jared Bridges

August 25, 2010

FRC Senior Fellow for Life Sciences David Prentice, comments on this week’s court injunction against federal funding of embryonic stem cell research in an op-ed at AOL News:

(Aug. 25) — The U.S. District Court injunction that stops federal taxpayer funding of human embryonic stem cell research should make patients happy.

The judge ruled that federal funding for embryonic stem cell research violates a current law, passed annually since the Clinton administration, prohibiting government funding for research that involves the destruction of human embryos.

He added that there is a limited amount of federal funding for stem cells, and funding embryonic stem cells competes with adult stem cells. But only adult stem cells are treating people. The good news is that this ruling should free up more funding for adult stem cell research — which is legal, uncontroversial and already helping treat thousands of patients.

Here are just a few examples of the published scientific successes of adult stem cells:

  • Italian doctors used patients’ own adult stem cells to grow new corneal tissue to restore sight to people blinded by chemical burns, including one patient who had been blind for 50 years.
  • German doctors reported in June the results of a five-year study on patients with chronic heart failure. The 191 patients treated with their own bone marrow adult stem cells showed significant improvement in heart function, with decreased death and no side effects.
  • Another recent Italian success involved growing new windpipes for cancer patients. Doctors used cadaver windpipes stripped of their cells, bathed the cartilage with the patients’ bone marrow stem cells and then transplanted the reconstructed windpipes. The two young women were released from the hospital just weeks after their surgery, and are now in good condition.
  • In August, University of Minnesota scientists transplanted donor adult stem cells into children with a fatal genetic skin disease and repaired the damage. The scientists said regarding adult stem cell treatments, “Patients who otherwise would have died from their disease can often now be cured. It’s a serious treatment for a serious disease.”

Read the rest at AOL News…