Handy Doctor Does Brain Surgery With A Power Drill

May 20, 2009

Sometimes it helps to have a handyman for a doctor. An Australian doctor saved a boy's life with quick thinking and using the tools at hand, in this case a home power drill. The 12-year-old boy had hit his head in a fall from his bike (he wasn't wearing a helmet), fracturing his skull and causing internal bleeding. The clot and pooling blood within the skull were putting increasing pressure on his brain and could have killed him within minutes. Dr. Rob Carson was on call at the local hospital in the small town of Maryborough in Victoria, and recognized the signs, but had no neurosurgical drill at the hospital to relieve the pressure. So he borrowed a handyman's drill (reportedly a DeWalt model) from the maintenance man, disinfected it, and used it to drill a hole in the boy's skull. The boy, Nicholas Rossi, was out of the hospital soon after and celebrated his 13th birthday. Dr. Carson must have gotten an "A" in wood shop.