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State of the States: New Hampshire

by Family Research Council

March 3, 2011

Two bills (HB437 and HB443) repealing same-sex marriage (which was passed into law last year) and defining marriage as between one man and one woman have been heard in the House Judiciary Committee, and may be voted upon as soon as today. (Update: Both measures received a “vote to retain” meaning they will not be passed on to be considered before the full legislature this session.)

Recently a bill for which FRC sent an alert, HB 329 requiring parental notification before performing an abortion on a minor, passed out of the House Judiciary Committee. It will now proceed to the full house floor. The passage of this bill out of committee was a great victory for parental rights and for life. Credit is due to Cornerstone, the NH Family Policy Council for their continual support of families through involvement in the state legislature.

Another bill that supports families, for which an alert was sent, is HB 587. This bill prohibits spouses from getting a divorce solely on the grounds of irreconcilable differences if they have minor children. The public hearing started this morning at 9:30am in the Legislative Office Building Room 206. (Update: The outcome for HB 587 is unknown, however it is likely that it may be amended to a study committee.)

Scheduled for an upcoming vote in committee is HB 228, a bill which would prohibit the use of public funds for abortion. In addition, this bill also prohibits the Department of Health from entering into any sort of contract with Planned Parenthood. The Health, Human Services, and Elderly Affairs Committee meets at 10:00am in the Legislative Office Building Room 205 and will likely vote on HB 228 March 9th.

Two more bills, both in the House Judiciary Committee, which we have been tracking, HB 513 and HB 569, are scheduled for votes sometime next week. House Bill 513 would legalize physician assisted suicide, and House Bill 569 would establish domestic unions, making them the legal equivalent to marriage. (Update: HB 513 received the vote “inexpedient to legislate” on March 3rd and will be brought before the full house with a strong recommendation to fail.)

State of Homosexual Relationships in the States

by Family Research Council

March 1, 2011

Currently Same Sex Marriage is legal in five states and the District of Colombia, while some form of civil unions or domestic partnerships is legal in nine other states. The maps below give a clear picture of the state of homosexual relationships in the states.

New: State of the States

by Family Research Council

February 28, 2011

In effort to continue to help equip and inform you about important current issues, Family Research Council is adding a new category to our blog, the “State of the States.” As this 2011 legislative session advances, we will keep you apprised of the status of key family-related legislation across the 50 states as well as post color-coded maps giving you the state of the states at a glance. Armed with that knowledge you can then take steps to get involved in the legislative process by calling your legislators and encouraging your friends to join you and Family Research Council in advancing faith, family, and freedom today!

Below are two maps outlining the status of marriage in the states. Check back tomorrow for more maps detailing the status of homosexual relationships in the states.

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