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Honduras Day 7

by Tony Perkins

July 14, 2010

Evidence of the political tension in Honduras extends beyond the graffiti that remains from last years political demonstrations. Yesterday we were awakened by local news reports that the airport in Tegucigalpa was being closed for five days because of rioting in the capitol city. Originally we planned to depart Tela this morning for Tegucigalpa; however, our plans quickly changed, and we left Tela yesterday morning to try and obtain a flight out of San Pedro Sula. Upon arrival, we received conflicting reports about what was going on. After contacting the Embassy, we were informed that there was no rioting. The city had experienced torrential rains over the weekend which resulted in flooding and some deaths. The runway at the airport had apparently been damaged, and the airport was closed temporarily for runway repairs. So we spent the night in San Pedro Sula and left at 2:30 a.m. for the trip to Tegucigalpa.

The shipping container remains in customs. With the help of Sen. David Vitters (R-La.) office, we were able to determine that the hold up is over the yet-to-be-assembled bunk beds not being reported as lumber. So the federal agency in charge of wood will have to determine what permit and fee is required. The Honduran infrastructure may be lagging behind us, but its ability to find creative ways to tax is sure on par with our government.

We were able to provide another days worth of medical treatment for the children in the village of Tornabe on Monday. One little girl, who is nine-years-old, came to see the doctors and join us for a church service. She was born with what our doctors said was a correctable birth defeat that caused her feet to turn under. She can only take a few steps by walking on the top of her feet; most of the time her mother carries her. Honduras has public health care, but it is very rudimentary and surgeries like the one this girl would need to correct her feet are nearly nonexistent. My daughter Kendal and she quickly became friends. We are hopeful that we might be able to find an orthopedic surgeon who would treat her.

Once the final disposition of the shipping container is determined we will be sending a small team back to Honduras, hopefully in August, to assemble the beds and distribute the supplies to the children in Tornabe.

A week in Honduras, or most any foreign country for that matter, is a reminder of how blessed we are to live in the United Statesa country that has enjoyed the fruit of a nation with a Christian foundation upon which our ordered liberty was built. It is also a reminder of what America could become if we lose that liberty.

Honduras Day 5

by Tony Perkins

July 12, 2010

This has been such a busy trip that Ive not had time to share details of our outreach. Yesterday, we finished our fifth full day here in Honduras. On Saturday and Sunday our medical team saw children and adults in Tornabe and at our mission church here in Tela.

We joined the congregation at our mission church for a Saturday evening service followed by an authentic Honduran meal. The meal and the fellowship were outstanding. The church has just called a young new pastor, Pastor Gerson David, so we were able to hear him share his heart for reaching the people of Tela with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Last night our team cooked for the folks at Tornabe, and then we joined them for Sunday night service and listened to Pastor Marvin preach. He leads the small church that is host to the outreach to the nearly 100 orphans in Tornabe.

Our progress at the orphanage in Tornabe has been limited because the shipping container which is holding most of our supplies, including the beds for the children, remains tied up in Customs. We are praying that we receive the container before we leave so that we can at least assemble the beds and put them in the rooms that are going to serve as temporary dormitories for the boys and girls.

The lack of supplies has made for an interesting trip as weve had to hunt locally for food and supplies. Ive spent a good portion of each day trying to obtain needed construction items for the church/orphanage and food and supplies for the 30 people on our mission team. Trying to shop for groceries for 30 people here in Tela will give you a much greater appreciation for Wal-Mart and Sams Club!

I now know where every mom and pop grocery store and meat market is here in Tela. I use the term grocery store, but they are more like a 7-11s without air-conditioning and with intense security by men with shotguns. Fortunately, we have some great friends here, like Ester Maldonado, who, among other things, helps me overcome the Spanish labels at the grocery store.

Join us in praying that we get some good news on the container of supplies today!

The Mount Vernon Statement & Enduring Principles: Perkins on Point

by Tony Perkins

February 19, 2010

How good is your knowledge of civics? What are the three branches of government? That is just an example of the questions that the Intercollegiate Studies Institute asked in a civic literacy survey they administered during the 2008 election year. Their findings were rather shocking, in their sampling 71 percent failed. Nationwide the average score was 49 percent.

Like other indicators ISI’s results give us a better understanding of why politics in America today are a drift from their historical moorings.

This understanding, in part, was behind the recently released Mount Vernon Statement. The one page statement, which you can read and sign online at, was signed by many of the nations conservative leaders at a special unveiling at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington —- that’s not a question on the civic literacy quiz, but its good to know.

While some on the Left have criticized the statement as a return to the past because we are in denial about the present, as one of the signers, I see it much differently.

It is important that each generation renews its commitment to the enduring founding principles that have built and sustained this nation.

What are those principles?

National security, economic opportunity, religious liberty and personal responsibility. These are the enduring principles that founders enumerated in the Declaration of Independence and established in the Constitution and now we must return them to center stage in America again.

This is a perfect time to remind America of these principles as public opinion polls show that the majority of Americans are either disenchanted or disgruntled with this Administration and this Congress.

I invite you to add your name to the Mount Vernon Statement.

You can take hope in the fact that some things never change and these principles are among them.

Will Haiti Be Planned Parenthood’s Latest Cash Cow?

by Tony Perkins

January 20, 2010

As rescue workers continue in their efforts to rescue and care for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake —- Planned Parenthood is raising money to create more victims.

While Americans have literally given tens of millions of dollars to rescue and aid children and their families in Haiti, the International Planned Parenthood Federation launched a fund-raising appeal within a day of the earthquake seeking funds for their family planning clinics in Haiti.

They certainly know their business and know opportunity when they see it. In the wake of a disaster such as this and hurricanes like Katrina, pregnant mothers who have lost homes, incomes and even family members are in crisis. Planned Parenthoods solution —- charitable giving in the form of reproductive healthcare or in plain English, abortions. This is nothing new, after 9/11 they offered women in New York free abortions. Following hurricane Katrina, Planned Parenthood offered free morning after pills.

Hopefully, the Haitian people will encounter the charitable hand of Americans through the ministries and organizations that will save lives not take them. I am encouraging people to give to Christian ministries like those listed here and Christian adoption organizations like Bethany Christian Services who will offer real help to the people of Haiti.

Perkins on Point: Airport Security, Obama Style

by Tony Perkins

January 15, 2010

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which has been under scrutiny since last months Islamic Underwear bomber, tried to fend off further exposure of their systems flaws this week. This time it was the public story of an 8 year old cub scout Mikey Hicks who was first pulled aside for additional screening and a pat down when he was 2-years-old and it continues every time he flies.

TSAs explanation is that Mikey shares the name with another Michael Hicks who made the Department of Homeland Securitys watch list. Attempts to remove Mikey from the list have been unsuccessful.

It appears there is problem. The parents of an 8-year-old cub scout from New Jersey can get him off the watch list and a father who warned officials his son had been radicalized by Islamic terrorists in Yemen, couldnt get the underwear bomber on the list.

Look for these discrepancies to increase if President Obama is successful in securing the nomination of Erroll Southers as the head of the TSA.

Among his problems; Southers has been under criticism for misleading congress about accessing confidential records. After his testimony Southers admitted to snooping into the records of his estranged wifes boyfriend.

But thats not the most troubling. As deputy director of the California Office of Homeland Security Southers is on record highlighting the traits of home grown terrorist that he says poses a greater threat to America than Islamic terrorists. Among the traits that he identifies of those domestic terrorists: (1) anti-government, anti-abortion and Christian identity oriented.

I think Ive actually seen airport security under a Southers led TSA.

Guess We’ll Spend

by Tony Perkins

December 22, 2009

Tony Perkins and a few other FRC staffers give their rendition of what the classic winter song, “Let it Snow” would sound like if it were written and performed by the current Congressional leadership…

Climate Talks Blow More Hot Air

by Tony Perkins

December 3, 2009

In December, more than 170 countries are meeting in Copenhagen to talk about a world treaty to cut greenhouse gasses. (A conference, ironically, thats estimated to create 40,584 tons of carbon emissionsroughly the same amount that the entire country of Morocco generated in 2006). Liberals are hoping to put the environment on the front burner before Denmarkbut that might be difficult considering the political climate in America.

A recent Pew poll found that Americans dont think global warming is a serious problem. The number that do fell sharplyfrom 44% last year to 35% now. Others are skeptical that climate change was even a problem to begin with! That percent is bound to double or triple after scientists at the University of East Anglia admitted to throwing away raw temperature data to support their claim for global warming. According to the U.K. Times, The CRU is the worlds leading center for reconstructing past climate and temperatures. Climate change skeptics have long been keen to examine exactly how its data were compiled. That is now impossible. This news, combined with ClimateGate and Americans doubts, should be more than enough to put off any international agreements on global warming indefinitely. President Obama has agreed to make the trip to the conference to lobby for cutting emissions by 17% in 2020. Given the revelations of disagreement in the scientific community and the growing skepticism in the public, the President should back away from a treaty that will cut U.S. jobs and raise energy costs for families.

Trial by Terror

by Tony Perkins

November 19, 2009

In a heated exchange with the Senate Judiciary Committee yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder stood by his decision to jeopardize—not only New York City, but 200 years of American traditionby launching the trial of the century against 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and five other terrorists in the Big Apple. Holder insists that New York is the best venue to obtain justice, but as Senators on both sides of the aisle argued, prosecuting terrorists minutes from the graveyard they dug for 3,000 innocent U.S. victims is dangerous, misguided, and unnecessary. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was the most visibly upset. Were making history here, Mr. Attorney General…bad history. Rather than leave the terrorists fate to a military tribunal, Holder is rolling the dice with a jury of civilians who—with a single not guilty verdict—could exonerate men who committed an act of war against our nation. Essentially, the decision boils down to a global PR stunt to showcase Americas fairness. Its more than a little ironic, then, that both Holder and President Obama have already determined the outcome. Failure is not an option, Holder said. If thats the case, why bother with a trial that endangers the city, shows disdain for our military, prolongs the process, and wastes millions of taxpayer dollars ($75 million a year for security alone)? This entire charade besmirches the memory of every 9-11 victim and family—and, more than that, it disrespects every soldier, living and dead, who put on a uniform to fight in the war these villains started.