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Fireproof Lights Up the Box Office

by Michael Leaser

September 29, 2008

Score another success for Alex and Stephen Kendrick. The creators of Facing the Giants have offered up an unexpectedly poignant film about a firefighter trying to save his failing marriage. And moviegoers have responded with a $6.5 million opening weekend, giving Fireproof the second-highest per-screen average behind Eagle Eye. This on a budget of just $500,000, paltry by Hollywood standards. By comparison, Facing the Giants earned $1.3 million in its opening weekend on its way to a surprisingly successful take of $10 million in its 117-day run, and that on a $100,000 budget.

Like its predecessor, Fireproof employs amateur actors for most of its roles with mixed results, but the leads are solid, and Kirk Cameron is particularly effective as the frustrated fireman who’s not even certain at first that he wants to save his marriage. The film definitely has a low-budget look to it, but Alex Kendrick and his camera crew clearly know their craft. They make every dollar in that budget count. The story itself, though, is reason enough to see the film, especially for recently engaged or newlywed couples. One rarely sees such a life-affirming, marriage-affirming tale on the big screen. Fireproof doesn’t claim marriage is easy, but it should successfully convince skeptics that it’s well worth the work.

Metal Detectors or God and Parent Detectors?

by Michael Leaser

September 23, 2008

It seems that schools are increasingly employing costly metal detectors in efforts to deter students from bringing knives or other weapons to school, as recent reports from Chicago and Pittsburgh area high schools remind us.

According to the federal survey data described in the latest Mapping America, a much more cost-effective way to prevent suspension and expulsion offenses such as these is an intact married family that worships frequently.