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A Letter to Notre Dame

by Michael Leaser

April 6, 2009

From a Catholic physician and Notre Dame alumnus:

Dear Father Jenkins,

What a shocking abdication of moral principles you and the university have displayed by honoring Barack Obama. How can such an enemy of life be given a platform at Notre Dame? This is a man whose avowed mission is to force abortion and contraception services on Catholic hospitals. He has unwaveringly supported late term abortions, for any reason, as well as the disgusting partial birth abortion procedure. He repeatedly voted against resuscitation efforts for babies who survived botched abortions. As a Catholic physician, I am appalled at the life destroying policies he has already enabled with the stroke of his pen.

No amount of sophistry or spin can justify his evil actions nor the actions of a Catholic school which gives tacit approval and support to such scandalous behavior. What a propaganda coup for the anti-life forces of evil! This is a scandal that gives cover and rationalization to Planned Parenthood, the Nancy Pelosi types, and to organizations like the anti-life Catholics for Choice. Do you not realize that you are being used, that Obama has suckered you into tacit approval of his virulent anti-life message?

When grave moral error has been committed, as in this situation, you must do everything you can to correct it and prevent the evil consequences of such an act. I urge you to cancel this invitation and rectify this ill-conceived travesty.


Joseph Leaser, M.D. ‘54

Repeat Church, Not School

by Michael Leaser

February 24, 2009

In the latest Mapping America, the National Survey of Children’s Health shows that children who attend religious services at least monthly are much less likely to repeat a grade in school than those who attend religious services less frequently.

God + Intact Family = Less Porn

by Michael Leaser

February 17, 2009

In the latest Mapping America, the General Social Survey shows that adults who frequently attended religious services as adolescents and grew up living with both biological parents are less likely to have watched an X-rated movie in the last year.