Obama’s Acrobatics on Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Peter Sprigg, FRC's Senior Fellow for Policy Studies, wrote an article in The Washington Times about how the President changed his mind multiple times on the definition of marriage. Sprigg also addresses the White House amicus brief given for the upcoming Supreme Court hearing for California’s Proposition 8.

Rep Diane Black Discusses Bill Against HHS Mandate at FRC Press Conference

Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) appeared via video at FRC's press conference to discuss Black’s new bill that will stop the HHS mandate forcing many employers to go against their conscious. You can watch the press conference and read about Black’s proposition in the article featured on The Tennessean’s website.

Ken Blackwell Reveals how Obama Dropped His Family Friendly Mask

Ken Blackwell, FRC's Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment, discusses in his recent article in The Patriot Post about how President Obama used to be seen as pro-family, but is nowadvocating for policies that go against ideal and beneficial child-rearing. Blackwell also exposes untruth that surrounds the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate.

Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison Battle the Brennan Nomination

FRC’s Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison discuss how Brennan’s nomination is not in the best interest of the United States and her ally, Israel in their recent article in American Thinker. As Blackwell and Morrison state:

John Brennan speaks of "our Saudi partners." Partners in what? Mr. Brennan won't speak of a global war on terror. He rejects the use of jihadism to describe Muslim terrorists, since he regards jihad as a legitimate expression of a religion of peace and tolerance.

The New Dred Scott Case

FRC’s Senior Vice-President Rob Schwarzwalder compares the story of the Dred Scott case to today’s civil rights issue, the right to life, in his article featured in Religion Today. Schwarzwalder states:

“…racial equality has not been “perfectly attained,” as Lincoln put it. For such attainment all believers should continue to work. Should we not also affirm that God-given rights extend to all persons, regardless of gestational state, size, physical formation, intellectual development, or capacity for self-sustenance? And should we not awaken the morally deaf, humbly but insistently, however much they resist honor’s voice?”

What Republicans Should be Doing with Spending Bills

In a recent Politico article, FRC’s Tony Perkins shows how Democrats have been able to try to defund Obamacare via spending bills and ‘must-pass’ legislation, but Republicans have not. As Perkins states:

“It was the best instrument to use to get these issues over the Senate and to the president’s desk…The defunding of Obamacare, if Republicans are serious about it, this was the place.”