John Batchelor had an important, news-making interview last night (8/23/12) on his radio program. He broadcasts live after 9 p.m. on WABC radio (WMAL in Washington). In the 10 p.m. hour (second hour), Batchelor and Malcolm Hoenlein interviewed Dr. Asharaf Ramelah, founder and president of Voice of the Copts, a human rights organization that defends Coptic Christians. (On the recording, start at 9 min 30 sec / 39:56.)

The conversation focused on dangerous changes in Egypt that are taking place after the Muslim Brotherhood gained power with the inauguration of Mohammed Morsi as president. The interviews conclusion was alarming. Batchelor: Right now, the Copts in Cairo, are they safe tonight? Ramelah: Nobody is safe in Cairo. No Copts, other Muslims are also not safe. Anybody who is against the Muslim Brotherhood is not safe in Egypt.

So much for the Arab Spring.

[From Voice of the Copts/Who Are the Copts: Copts are by far the largest Christian community in the Middle East. Ninety-five percent of Copts in Egypt are Orthodox and the remaining population is divided between Catholic and Protestant denominations. Copts living in Egypt represent between 15-20% of the total population of Egypt today.]