Last week, the New York Times ran a disturbing article on the growing phenomenon of the public viewing of pornography. The final sentence should stop each of us in our tracks: Dawn Hawkins of Morality in Media, who protested recently when a man watched graphic pornography on his laptop during a plane flight, reports, "People said, Just look away, she recalled. Their argument is that people can do what they want. This is America.

When liberty becomes license, the bets are off for a healthy country and functioning self-government. If we lack virtue, personal moral self-restraint and respect for other persons, then disorder and dysfunction follow as day follows night. These, if unchecked, lead inevitably to anarchy and danger, which result in a call for order at any cost. If the rise of Adolph Hitler subsequent to the decadent Weimar Republic has anything to teach us, this is one of its surest lessons.

Two years ago, Hoover Institution scholar Mary Eberstadt wrote a superb piece for First Things called, "The Weight of Smut." In clear prose, she documented how pornography has profound and demonstrably harmful affects on marriage, families, and human well-being. It is a painful read because of what it tells us about the society in which we live and in which our children are being raised, but it nonetheless is an indispensable summary of the evils of what someone once called "sex without persons."

Over the past two years, pornography has continued, termite-like, to erode the foundations of human dignity and family security. That's why Family Research Council continues to partner with like-minded organizations to combat the growth of pornography online, on television, and other media. FRC offers a number of useful resources to assist your church or ministry, and you as an individual, fight electronic and visual filth. Included are these:

** "The Effects of Pornography on Individuals, Marriage, Family, and Community," by Dr. Pat Fagan

** A recent interview by FRC President Tony Perkins with Pat Trueman, the former head of the U.S. Department of Justice's Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section and now President of Morality in Media, on the proposal to expand domains for pornography websites.

** A Webcast shown last year titled, "Sex Trafficking in America: From the Boulevard to Planned Parenthood."

Visit our website to see the full list of FRC resources and prayerfully consider how you might join in the effort to diminish pornography's grip on our culture.