"Dana Milbank's "Roe v. Wades Greedy Offspring," in the Washington Post on January 17, 2012, addressed inaccuracies in a report released this week by abortion clinic owner Merle Hoffman. Having attended the press conference, too, I appreciate his honest depiction about the lack of data substantiating the claim that the abortion rate is increasing due to our economy.

However, I do take issue with two other points. Mr. Milbank writes that the pro-life community should not "resist easy birth control" but neglects to describe the reality as it currently is. Domestic family planning programs were funded by the US government at a level of $1.971 billion in 2011. And the PPACA mandates insurance plans to carry (with no co-pay) all contraceptives, including drugs and devices that destroy rather than prevent life.

Additionally Mr. Milbank's depiction of pro-life groups as finally motivated is not only offensive but totally wrong. He lists as examples the (free) USCCB vigil with thousands in attendance and my organization's (free) ProLifeCon. The March for Life is a peaceful walk with thousands of enthusiastic young people protesting what they see as the human rights issue of our day. The events surrounding the anniversary of Roe are motivated by something that money can't buy: the inherent dignity of each person."