This coming Saturday, November 27th, Christians around the world are invited to pray and fast for the most vulnerable and unprotected members of our culture, the unborn. The sad truth is that for many developing babies, a mother's womb has become a dangerous place where life is destroyed through the violence of abortion rather than a haven where fragile life is protected, nurtured and loved. After giving thanks for our many blessings this Thanksgiving Thursday, please consider making your Saturday a day of prayer for this intention. Below are a few suggestions for the Vigil for Nascent Life:

Pray for the Defense of the Defenseless From the womb to the tomb (Prov. 24:11-12). Some suggestions include doing a short Bible study with your family about the value of God-given human life; taking some quiet time with God in a chapel or outdoors in His creation; joining together with your congregation for a specific prayer service for the protection of the unborn.

Fast for the Protection of the Unborn If you are able, please fast from one meal or the whole day, or fast from media (TV, internet, phone, radio). Fasting frees our minds of distractions and is a powerful prayer tool to keep us focused.

Stay Informed about Threats to the God-Given Right to Life Sign up for the Washington Update at

Take Action Make an impact...for Life!

1. Support a Pregnancy Care Center in your area. To find out more about these life-affirming ministries to women who are expecting a child, check out FRCs site:

2. Promote Foster Care and Adoption in your church. Check out, a ministry of Focus on the Family. Other ministries can be found at

3. Advocate for ethical stem cell research. Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) not only destroys human life, but it also wastes taxpayer dollars because the result is tumors, but no treatments. Adult Stem Cells offer an ethical and effective alternative. Life-affirming therapies using adult stem cells have already resulted in 73 different treatments in human patients. Visit FRCs dedicated site:, for some exciting video stories from real people who have benefited from ethical stem cell research.