This week, a pro-life hero went to be with her Lord Jesus Christ. Her name may not mean much to people born after the Roe v Wade decision came down from the Blackman Supreme Court, but she was one of the most effective fighters for life this country has known. Her name was Anne Higgins and she was Assistant to President Reagan, running a very large department in the White House. I was proud to have been on her staff and learned after my hiring that only those who shared a commitment to life were hired.

At a time when the media was dominated entirely by a biased, anti-Reagan cabal, her department of correspondence became the front line to the American public --- and Anne missed no opportunity to bring the President's message on life to millions of people. Anne used her position to influence not only the President and his cabinet, but Congress and foreign dignitaries as well.

She was not a speaker, but her activism found success in building a pro-life movement. Her alliance with Congressman Henry Hyde, who was certainly an orator without par, provided the needed platform to launch the fight for those who could not speak for themselves. Anne showed us true activism and she never wavered on behalf of the innocent unborn, the infirm, and for creatures great and small. She made a difference in this world. To paraphrase Henry Hyde, she will be met at Heaven's gate by millions of babies yet unborn who will carry the message, "job well done...good and faithful servant."