Strauer_book_october_2009-thumbProf. Dr. med. Bodo Strauer and his group have been developing adult stem cell therapies for heart disease, and actually using the cells to treat many patients successfully, since 2001. Now they have published a book on the subject.

Adulte Stammzellen: Therapiemoglichkeiten bei Herz- und Kreislauferkrankungen

[Adult Stem Cells: Potential Therapies in Cardiac and Vascular Diseases]

(Strauer, Ott, and Schannwell-Editors)

This book should be useful both for scientists as well as for the public. It compiles, in 18 chapters, in-depth discussions of the scientific, medical, ethical, and legal aspects of adult stem cells, including clinical practice notes and results of their use treating patients for cardiovascular diseases. About half of the chapters (including a large number of the clinical papers) are in English, with the other half in German. The editors have done an excellent job of bringing this material and these experts together for current and detailed perspectives on this important healthcare subject.

The book is published by Dusseldorf University Press, and available at Amazon-Germany.

Check it out for the latest information on uses of adult stem cells for heart treatments.