Recently, I had the opportunity to listen to Rebecca Hagelin of The Heritage Foundation speak about her recently released book, 30 Days in 30 Ways to Save Your Family.  Hagelin wrote this book to strengthen the family and help foster enriching relationships with your children.  Although I am not a parent yet, I found the advice offered throughout the book exactly the prescription for creating more unified families and raising a generation of responsible and healthy adults.

The book is filled with ways to combat the threats of media and marketing influences, while providing tips on protecting children from violence or inappropriate materials.  Hagelin also provides advice on strengthening relationships with your children by writing them a letter, talking with them, going for a slow walk, or playing a game as a family.  These are all ways to share your values with a child. As a former social worker, who worked directly with families, I can tell you Hagelin's advice is the message I often communicated to my clients.

Hagelin's book is a must read for parents. The family is only stronger when there are bonds for unity.