NOMINEE: Kathleen Sebelius

Born: Cincinnati, Ohio, May 15, 1948

Family: Husband, K. Gary Sebelius, and two sons.

Occupation: 44th Governor of Kansas

Education: B.A. Trinity Washington University, Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Kansas.

Work history: Jan 2003-present, Governor of Kansas (term-limited, term ends Jan 2011)

1994-2002, Kansas Insurance Commissioner

1987-1994, Member of the Kansas House of Representatives

1977-1987, Director of the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association

1975-1977, Aide with the Kansas Department of Corrections


"We are stronger as a nation when our people have access to the highest-quality, most-affordable health care."


"We know that caring for our children, so they have a healthy and better start in life, is what grownups do. A large majority of the Congress are ready, right now, to provide health care to 10 million American children, as a first step in overhauling our health care system."

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Sebelius has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood and they have conducted fundraising activity on her behalf.

"Reviewing the record of Gov. Sebelius when she served in the Kansas House of Representatives, it is difficult to find a single instance, either in a procedural or substantive vote, where she acted in a manner that would afford unborn children the maximum protection. In the 1980s and 1990s then- Representative Sebelius voted to weaken or eliminate even such modest measures as parental notification, waiting periods and informed consent.
As governor, she twice has vetoed bills attempting to protect the health and safety of women by more tightly regulating abortion clinics."


"I think for me and a lot of other people there are certain inalienable rights established for a person, but those are not applied in utero."


In April 2007, Sebelius hosted a private reception for infamous abortion doctor George Tiller and his staff at the governor's mansion.


Vetoed the Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act as unconstitutional because it would allow court orders to be written to help prevent second and third term abortions.



Sebelius did not support an amendment to the Kansas Constitution that made same-sex marriage in the state unconstitutional saying, "'I don't think we need a constitutional amendment, and particularly a constitutional amendment that goes far beyond the bounds of that law."



Conflict with her Faith

The Governor's constant support of abortion prompted the unusual step of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas to publicly inform Governor Kathleen Sebelius that she should refrain from taking Communion until she publicly repudiates her support for abortion rights.  The Archbishop wrote:

'The spiritually lethal message, communicated by our governor, as well as many other high-profile Catholics in public life, has been in effect: The church's teaching on abortion is optional! . . I hope that my request of the governor, not to present herself for Holy Communion, will provoke her to reconsider the serious spiritual and moral consequences of her past and present actions.'"


Lifetime Grade of "D" as Governor

Every year the CATO Institute rates the nation's governors on tax and spending issues in their states.  Every year she has been eligible Governor Sebulius has received a "D" grade: 

"Kathleen Sebelius has supported tax increases during her tenure, but she has also supported a number of pro-growth tax cuts. In 2004, she proposed a temporary increase in the sales tax rate that has turned out to be permanent, and more recently she has supported cigarette tax increases. However, Sebelius has also supported an impressive list of business tax cuts, including reductions in corporate income taxes, unemployment compensation taxes, and business property taxes.  She has also supported repeal of the estate tax and repeal of the corporate franchise tax, which is being phased out by 2011. With these cuts, the governor has made Kansas more attractive for business investment. It is on spending where Sebelius dragged down her grade by presiding over per capita budget increases averaging about 7 percent annually since 2003." CATO Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors: 2008. [Source]