Here's some of the buzz from the blogosphere today.

  • "Do you own a human embryo?," Rebecca Taylor, Mary Meets Dolly The New Mexico State Senate just passed a stem cell research bill that would allow scientists to destroy embryos left over from IVF Treatments, in addition to considering an embryo property.
  • "The Mandate Trap," Philip Klein, AmSpecBlog With the talk of health care reform being addressed shortly in Congress, this article is worth reading, especially since it discusses the ramifications of the possibilities of government ran health care.
  • "If It Moves, Tax It," Doug Mataconis, Below The Beltway With the recent passage of the Stimulus bill, you might wonder how much will be left in your pockets. Now, it seems that the Secretary of Transportation is considering adding a tax based on how much you drive. I guess the title of this post is true, "If It Moves, Tax It."
  • "The Omnibust is coming! The Omnibust is coming!," Tom McClusky, Kitchen Table Blog The Omnibus Bill is due to arrive next week in Congress, so beware of the pork and federal funding of research involving human embryos.