The 2009 edition of Blogs for Life is nearly upon us, and the schedule begins tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. as follows:

8:30-8:35: Introduction - emcee Jill Stanek

8:35-8:50: Peter Shinn/Major Samuel Mosteller, Pro-Life Unity

8:50-9:05: Shaun Kenney, Executive Director, American Life League

9:05-9:20: Danny Glover, Blogger/Journalist

9:20-9:35: Michael New, Ph.D., University of Alabama

9:35-9:50: Dr. Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., President, Americans United for Life

9:50-10:00: Break [22 Weeks film preview]

10:00-10:15: Chris Gacek, PhD., J.D. (FRC) /Martha Shuping, M.D.

10:15-10:30: Michael Illions, Conservatives with Attitude!

10:30-10:50: Amanda Carpenter,

10:50-11:10: Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan)

11:10-11:30: Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash)

if you're unable to join us in person at 801 G St. NW, you can view the live webcast at this link.