Our friend Matthew Eppinette at Americans United for Life blogs about a particlularly interesting piece of hate mail that his group received.  In a response to an letter announcing their annual gala, the were greeted by a homemade flyer featuring a bizarre equation:

AUL President Charmaine Yoest + Ramesh Ponnuru = swastika

Now anyone who knows Charmaine (a former VP here at FRC) and Ramesh (author, speaker, and pro-life expert) know that they are as far removed from German National Socialism as one can get.  I doubt either of them is losing any sleep over this.  After all, the hip way these days to say "I don't like you" is to call someone a Nazi or compare them to Hitler.  It's the irony here that's noteworthy.  As Eppinette observes:

I'm not sure I understand how it is that those of us who are working to protect life are to be equated with one of the most life-destroying regimes that ever existed. Some people just have too much time on their hands, I suppose.

Too much time on their hands indeed --- and too little time spent on their history homework.