At least 116 U.S. federal employees at a cost to taxpayers of close to half a million dollars are in Mexico this week at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City.

Senator Coburn, who has done quite a bit in both fighting HIV/AIDS and in fighting taxpayer waste, has the scoop:

Taxpayers will contribute almost a half-a-million dollars to the event, an amount that could have been spent to provide life-saving medication to every American on a waiting list for AIDS drugs or to prevent over 50,000 newborns from becoming infected with HIV.

In addition to some scientific and scholarly workshops, the event will feature a "Sex Workers Mini Film Festival," and a session led by a pro-prostitution group that brags of being "proud" of its work and proud to bring in "lots of tourist dollars" for Thailand. There will also be a workshop on the "Sexy Life" after HIV infection and one entitled "Good Catholics Use Condoms: How to Answer the Tough Questions Surrounding HIV/AIDS Prevention and Religion," which will be moderated by a woman whose D.C.-based group favors legalized abortion, gay marriage, and contraception -- all positions opposed by the Catholic Church.

Thailand is well known as a stop for degenerates looking to have sex with minor boys and girls. You can read the full report here.