I got side tracked this week on presidential politics and did not get to share my perspective on The Call which took place on the Mall here in DC this past Saturday.  It was an amazing day, from the incredibly pleasant August day to the praise and worship to the prayers of thousands being lifted up for America.  I wasable to join Lou Engle for about half of the 12 hour event. 


The media had a hard time understanding why 70,000 plus people came to Washington not to call for the reining in of the run-away courts, nor to promote a political party.  Rather, The Call was a recognition of a spiritual deficit in our nation for which we as Christians must take responsible (2 Chronicles 7:14) and that is what happened on Saturday.  That is not to say that the key moral issues that our nation is facing were not addressed. There was clearly a recognition of the threat that abortion and the spread of same-sex marriage poises to the future of America.  But they were recognized for what they are, symptoms of our spiritual deficiency.   What was most encouraging to me was that most of those 70,000 plus who came to DC from across the country were young people.  While those in the media and even some "religious" leaders claim young evangelicals care more about issues other than life and marriage the evidence suggest otherwise.  A Pew poll last year showed that 71% of young white evangelicals believe abortion should be restricted.  The poll shows that these young evangelicals are more pro-life than their parents.  That conviction was clearly visible on the Mall last weekend.