There is a slight delay - but the Special Order on abortion and taxpayer fundng is coming.

Ronald Reagan was known as the great communicator due to his ability to speak above the media and straight to the people. In President Reagan's time he really didn't have C-Span which makes it even simpler to speak directly to potentially more then one million people at any given time. Tonight a group of pro-life Representatives will be speaking directly to the people on a very important issue, as relayed via a friend on Capitol Hill:

Tonight when the House completes business on scheduled legislation, Rep. Chris Smith will host a one hour Pro-life Special Order in the House of Representatives. During this time Members will speak on the subject of taxpayer subsidies for the abortion industry and what their constituents are unknowingly supporting when millions of dollars are funned to organizations like Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood alone carries out nearly 290,000 abortions in one year.

The first two Special Order hours at the end of legislative business are reserved for the Republican and Democratic leadership. The Republican leadership has provided their "Leadership Hour" for Mr. Smith and others to speak for the unborn. Since Republicans have the first hour tonight, our Special Order should start very soon after the last series of votes.We cannot predict timing exactly, but at this time we expect that the pro-life speeches will begin sometime between 6 and 7 pm.

As speeches are posted on line we will link to them here.