Gloria Steinem, one of the old guard of the liberal feminist movement that a house didn't fall on, has a new fundraising appeal for Ms. Magazine. Ms. Steinem founded Ms. Magazine in 1971 and served as its outspoken spokeswoman. Since 2001 the magazine has been owned by the zealous pro-abortion group the Feminist Majority Foundation, whose President is Eleanor Smeal.

The newest fundraising appeal is for their Prison and Domestic Violence Shelters Program, an appeal I could wholeheartedly support if its purpose was for donations for reading materials for women in prison and in shelters. However the purpose of the program is to not put legitimate reading material in front of these women but in fact to buy subscriptions of Ms. Magazine for them (most likely at a nice profit for the Feminist Majority Foundation.)

My first reaction would be that giving copies of Ms. Magazine to incarcerated women might be seen as cruel and unusual punishment. The magazine is as liberal and pro-abortion as its founder. Periodically the magazine holds a "Tell Us About Your Abortion" contest where they ask women who have had an abortion to tell everyone how great it is. It should come as no surprise that they refuse to publish stories of the thousands of women who have been traumatized by abortion. Luckily groups like the Justice Foundation, with their Operation Outcry, give a forum and aid to women affected by abortion.

To make a long story longer it is not the program that I'm looking to criticize as much as the fundraising appeal that Ms. Steinem sent out. To quote:

"Imagine being confined to a cell for 17 hours a day, with little or no access to reading, writing, or learning - or talking with friends.

Imagine that the Bible is the only reading material you are given. When there is a copy of a magazine, you have to share it with hundreds of other women.

Now imagine receiving your own personal copy of Ms. magazine - and knowing more will come."

Yes imagine. How horrible that a Bible is the only thing on hand. I pray that none of the women in my life ever have to go to prison or end up in a domestic violence shelter - however if they do I pray that they WILL find a Bible waiting there for them. It has gotten many a person through some tough times.

Hat Tip to a friend on the Hill