Apparently a judge in Virginia thinks a large cross is "shouting" and is ordering a church not to display their cross at a Fourth of July picnic. Would this judge have the same "noise" concerns if it was a 30 foot tall Ronald McDonald balloon or a Good Year blimp advertisement? Luckily Alliance Defense Fund is on the case.

Judge denies Christian group's request to display cross

By Austin Wright


A local Christian group has a right to free speech but they "don't have to shout," a federal judge in Norfolk said Tuesday when he denied the group's request to display a 12-foot-tall cross at a Fourth of July celebration in a Chesapeake city park.

Last year city employees asked Christian Rights Ministries to remove the cross from the celebration at Lakeside Park following a parade. The group alleges that city employees said the cross was "too blatantly Christian," but the employees said during Tuesday's court hearing that they had the cross removed for safety reasons. More . .