Lots of news lately hasn't made it into the mainstream press.

One big item only covered by specialty news sources, but very significant, was news from Australian scientists that they had successfully treated Parkinson's disease in animals using human nasal adult stem cells. In some cases the nasal adult stem cells came from Parkinson's patients, indicating they could be the source of their own stem cell treatment.

There are numerous advantages to these adult stem cells:

Patient specific stem cells

Disease specific stem cells

Can generate the cells of interest in a disease

Can make them work in an animal model of disease

Takes 20 mins to get tissue in outpatient setting

One month to grow cells

Seventy lines established thus far

Being patient specific there are no transplant rejection issues

No cancer formation as with embryonic stem cells or induced pluripotent cells

Large numbers can be grown to study the disease and transplant the cells

No need for embryos, nuclear transfer cloning, animal-human hybrids

No need to inject new genes or retroviruses as in induced pluripotent cells

Highly efficient whereas embryo and reprogrammed skin cells are not

No ethical issues

No destruction of tissues

No need to hyperovulate women to get multiple eggs for embryo generation and cloning

The paper was published in the journal Stem Cells

This is the same group that showed in 2006 that they could get multiple tissue types from this adult stem cell source, including heart, nerve, liver, and brain cells.