What do you do if you're a pro-embryonic stem cell physician and can't get federal dollars to fund your research?

The answer is obvious: make a Lifetime/afterschool special - caliber movie that demonizes conservative pro-life senators.

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new film called Hope premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie depicts a pro-life U.S. Senator whose son is injured in an automobile accident. The son's only "hope," of course, is an experimental embryonic stem cell treatment --- which he must travel to India to receive. He can't get it in the United States because of his father's evil polices.

Judging from the quality of the film's trailer, I don't think this will get much play beyond the L.A. Times, obscure late-night cable, and this blog. I do think the film's producers would do well to get beyond the hype of life-destroying embryonic stem cells, to the real hope of adult stem cells, which are the only stem cells to have produced successful treatments in patients.