There's an odd feeling in the office today. So much is at stake. It's overcast in Washington. Everything is anticipation. What will the voters do? I remember being here in 1984. We were pretty confident that President Reagan would be re-elected. He led in all the polls. Still, there was uneasiness.

I concluded then that in most countries, the people fear the capital city. In this country, the capital city has a healthy fear of the people. Keep it that way.

President Reagan, of course, respected the American people. And more, he loved them. They fully returned his affection. That day, they gave him their support. He carried forty-nine states.

Shortly afterward, I was asked to draft a letter for President Reagan to Congress. In my version, the President said "if we don't teach phonics, I fear the rising generation will lack the essential tool of literacy." I got that draft letter back within three hours. That line was circled in red. In the margin, someone in the President's office wrote: "This president has concerns. He has no fears." I was never so happy to be corrected in my life.