I was unaware that until recently, only Hindus were allowed to adopt children in India. Thankfully, the second most populous country in the world -- and one with a huge sex-selection abortion problem -- has now opened the door for adoption to non-Hindus:

NEW DELHI, November 30 (Compass Direct News) Ending a long era of absence of adoption rights for non-Hindus, the government has cleared the way for all religious communities in all Indian states to adopt legally.

The government of the Congress Party-led United Progressive Alliance on October 26 gave notice of new rules under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Act or JJA of 2006, making room for all communities to adopt, reported national daily The Times of India on November 17.

This has ended a long wait by the Christian community, which for many years has been urging the government to grant them the right to adopt, a representative of the Christian Legal Association (CLA) told Compass.

Christians from almost all denominations are happy with the governments move.

Hopefully, the increased availability of adoptive parents will be good news for survival chances of Indian girls.