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Republican or Democrat, Maryland Governors Are Addicted to Gambling

by Peter Sprigg

October 31, 2007

Regardless of party, recent Maryland governors have one thing in commonan addiction to gambling as a source of new state revenue. Marylands new Democratic Governor Martin OMalley has followed in the footsteps of the Republican he defeated last year, Robert Ehrlich, by calling for legalization of slot machine gambling in the state.

OMalley has apparently broken a deadlock between the House and Senate leaders with his proposal to put the issue of slots on the ballot in November of 2008.

This is modestly good news, because such referenda have a poor record at the polls. But it would be better for the legislature to reject the slots proposal immediately. On this issue, conservatives who know that gambling destroys families are united with liberals who know that gambling preys on the poor. The revenue generated by gambling is far outweighed by the social costs it imposes (see The National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling).

Spinning Research 101

by Family Research Council

October 31, 2007

According to a recent report by ABC News, “One in 10 Men Has Multiple Sex Partners.”:

At any given time, a significant percentage of men are engaging in multiple sexual partnerships with women — a situation that may facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

The headline is dramatic but buried in the details reported is that the actual percentage was 6.6 and they “adjusted” the numbers to come up with “as high as” 11. The article also makes a number of sweeping generalizations designed to convey the idea that this is an issue the public needs to be worried about.

But then, the truth, buried near the end, comes out:

Adimora agrees that other factors could be at play, as men who engaged in concurrent sexual relationships also seemed to have other behaviors in common.

Men who did have concurrent relationships were more likely to be intoxicated on drugs and alcohol, to have relationships with women who had multiple partners, and to have had sexual relationships with men in the past,” she said.

And then the clincher - the policy recommendations that go with all this:

We need approaches that will remove health disparities caused by poverty, stigma and discrimination, poor access to health care and education,” Coleman said. “We need to develop a sexual health approach to HIV infection which will provide sexuality education, access to sexual health care, all which is culturally sensitive and relevant.”

In other words, this kind of aberrant, dangerous behavior is confined to easily identified subgroups of the population, but we are going to use it as a club to bring graphic sex ed straight to your kids.

What I want to know is why doesn’t “cultural sensitivity” extend to our values?

Southwick Confirmed!

by Jared Bridges

October 24, 2007

After what seems like a battle without end, Judge Leslie Southwick has now been confirmed by the U.S. Senate to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 59-38 vote.

Here is FRC’s press release on Judge Southwick’s nomination:

FRC Praises Confirmation of Judge Southwick

October 24, 2007 - Wednesday

Washington, D.C.- Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, made the following comments following Senate confirmation of Judge Leslie Southwick to the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit:

We are pleased that Judge Leslie Southwick, a veteran of the Iraq war with 11 years of judicial experience, can finally move forward after struggling for a simple up-or-down vote. However, the unconstitutional use of judicial filibusters continues as other well-qualified judicial nominees are vilified and blocked by Senate leadership and their liberal allies. I urge the Senate to end the backlog of judicial nominations and allow a fair up-or-down vote for each nominee.

I thank President Bush and Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Trent Lott (R-MS), Thad Cochran (R-MS), and Arlen Specter (R-PA) for their hard work to overcome stalling tactics and confirm this highly-qualified nominee to the bench.”

Straw Poll on the Issues

by Jared Bridges

October 23, 2007

The FRC Action Values Voter Straw Poll has been making lots of news, but one of the poll questions that hasn’t yet gained as much attention was question #3, which asked participants to rank the order of importance among a set of issues. Here are the results:

Please indicate which issue is the most important in determining your opinion of the candidate that you will most likely vote for?

Here’s the statistical breakdown:

Abortion 2398 41.52%
Same-sex “Marriage” 1141 19.76%
Tax Cuts 626 10.84%
Permanent tax relief for families 563 9.75%
Federal “hate crimes” legislation 331 5.73%
No vote on this question 181 3.13%
Taxpayer funding for abortions 151 2.61%
Prayer in schools 93 1.61%
Reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine” 88 1.52%
Public display of the Ten Commandments 57 0.99%
Enforced obscenity laws 54 0.94%
Embryonic stem cell experiments 48 0.83%
Voluntary, student-led prayer in schools 44 0.76%
Total 5,775 100%

Now that you’ve got the numbers, feel free to crunch away.

Washington Briefing Straw Poll Results

by Family Research Council

October 20, 2007


Which of the following candidates for President would you be most likely to vote for?

Total Straw Poll Results

Mitt Romney 1595 27.62%
Mike Huckabee 1565 27.15%
Ron Paul 865 14.98%
Fred Thompson 564 9.77%
Undecided 329 5.70%
Sam Brownback 297 5.14%
Duncan Hunter 140 2.42%
Tom Tancredo 133 2.30%
Rudy Giuliani 107 1.85%
John McCain 81 1.40%
Not Voting 67 1.16%
Barack Obama 9 0.16%
Joe Biden 5 0.09%
Hillary Clinton 5 0.09%
John Edwards 4 0.07%
Dennis Kucinich 4 0.07%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.03%
Bill Richardson 2 0.03%
Mike Gravel 1 0.02%
Total 5,775 100%

Onsite Straw Poll Results

Mike Huckabee 488 51.26%
Mitt Romney 99 10.40%
Fred Thompson 77 8.09%
Tom Tancredo 65 6.83%%
Rudy Giuliani 60 6.30%
Duncan Hunter 54 5.67%
John McCain 30 3.15%
Sam Brownback 26 2.73%
Ron Paul 25 2.63%
Undecided 11 1.16%
Not Voting 7 0.74%
Barack Obama 5 0.53%
Christopher Dodd 2 0.21%
Dennis Kucinich 2 0.11%
Joe Biden 1 0.11%
Hillary Clinton 0 0.00%
John Edwards 0 0.00%
Mike Gravel 0 0.00%
Bill Richardson 0 0.00%
Total 952 100%

Briefing Coverage from the Washington Briefing’s New Media Row

by Jared Bridges

October 20, 2007

**UPDATED 10/22** We’ve got a full slate of bloggers here at New Media Row, which is sponsored by our friends at Americans United for Life

There are many more, and I’ll continue to add links as I get them, but this should get you started.

If you’re here blogging and are not yet listed, please alert me in the comments and I’ll add your link.

Draw your straws before 1:00 PM EDT Today

by Jared Bridges

October 20, 2007

**UPDATE: SAT. AFTERNOON** Voting is now closed, and results are being tallied. Stay tuned this afternoon for results.

It’s Saturday morning here at the Washington Briefing, and before all the activities commence today, I wanted to remind everyone that there’s still time to vote in the online version of the Values Voter Straw Poll.

Online voting will be cut off at 1:00pm EDT sharp, so make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get through the sign-up process and hit “submit” before the clock rolls over to 1:00pm EDT!

The Washington Briefing is underway

by Jared Bridges

October 19, 2007

I’m here in the ballroom of the Hilton Washington, as the Briefing began just over an hour ago. We’ve already heard from Sen. John McCain, Sen. Sam Brownback, and Rep. Tom Tancredo is speaking now.

If you want to watch the coverage online, you can view streaming content (both live and archived) at, who is webcasting the event.

Also C-SPAN is here and is covering the event live today from 10 AM until 5:30 pm. They will pick up coverage again at 7:30 PM on C-SPAN 2.

Drawing Straws

by Jared Bridges

October 18, 2007

With the FRC Action Washington Briefing 2007 just about to get underway, now would be as good a time as any to vote in the Brieifing’s Straw Poll. You can vote here in person if you’ve registered for the Briefing, or you can become a member of FRC Action and vote online.

Voting will end soon, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and vote

UPDATE: I’ve confirmed the time, and voting will be closed at 1:00p.m. EDT on Saturday.

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