Some people may laugh when I say this but there are still kids today in the U.S. who look up to elected officials. I did as a kid, as a young adult and I do today. Being public figures, politicians owe to society more then just obeying the laws they pass, they also have an obligation to live their lives as closely as possible to the role models that some see them as and when they falter they must think about the disgrace they are bringing to their office and to the larger majority of outstanding public servants. Too often a politician thinks that if they have done nothing illegal then they have done nothing wrong forgetting morality and laws are two different things. They do not seem to have this problem when athletes conduct themselves immorally - Congress is usually the first to condemn and call for hearings.

When it is discovered that a homosexual escort service has been run out of a Congressmans house then that Congressman should resign. Or when an elected official tries to (and in some cases succeeds) have sexual relations with a young page or intern then that politician should resign. When a Senator pleads guilty to a charge related to soliciting sex in a public restroom they should resign and not submit Congress or their fine state to any further embarrassment. Additionally if a Senator conducts an Appropriations Committee hearing and allows, even encourages, the audience to heckle a respected U.S. General perhaps it is time to end an already too long political career.

The further we define deviancy down the more likely we all become a nation of deviants. Just as politicians are compelled to resign when they are exposed as financially corrupt with the public purse - they should feel the same compulsion when they are morally corrupt with the public trust.