Back in July, FRC's Washington Update took notice of an Aurora, Illinois Planned Parenthood Clinic which surreptitiously began construction disguised as the "Gemini Health Center," only to let community residents (and construction workers) know that it was really a new location of America's largest abortion provider.

CNS News is now reporting that the clinic's opening (for now, at least) has been blocked:

( - A federal judge has at least temporarily prevented the nation's biggest abortion provider from opening a new $7.5 million clinic in Aurora, Ill., while the city government investigates charges that Planned Parenthood used secrecy and fraud to obtain permission to build the 22,000-square-foot facility.

U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle, Sr., on Monday gave Aurora officials 24 hours to file a response to a request from Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area (PPCA) for an injunction that would have forced the city to allow the new building to open on Tuesday as planned.

A hearing is set for Thursday that awaits Planned Parenthood's response.