This story from The Courier-Journal in Louisville gives us a glimpse of a remarkable woman who survived an abortion:

A 30-year-old singer and marathoner who says she survived a botched abortion attempt urged a Louisville gathering of more than 200 people to oppose abortion.

"What I often say is if abortion is merely about a woman's rights, then what were mine?" Gianna Jessen told the annual gathering of Kentucky Doctors for Life Foundation at the St. Matthews Community Center. " I live with the results of this tragedy in our lives."

Jessen, a Christian singer from Nashville, Tenn., said her teenage mother was 7 12 months pregnant when she went to a Los Angeles abortion clinic.

Jessen said her mother had an uncommon method of abortion in which saline solution was injected. Jessen said she was born alive at two pounds, and taken to a hospital where she was placed in an incubator but suffered from cerebral palsy.

Read the whole story. Jessen is a living example that there are more than just one set of "rights" at play in the abortion issue.