With the Update on hiatus this week here are a few stories and op-eds worth reading:

A big role in a fight to help gays wed

Activist Tim Gill and allies of his funded 38% of the opposition to same-sex marriage bans.

Qualified to Serve

The opponents of appeals court nominee Leslie H. Southwick haven't made their case. (Even the Washington Post is supporting Judge Southwick what is Senator Reids and Leahys problem now? What is more important justice or kowtowing to the loony left?)

Giuliani ducks queries about faith and family

The NY State Senate & The Future of Congress


If a pickpocket becomes a mugger, he becomes more open and honest, but that doesn't make him more admirable.

The Man Behind the Plate

After Loss of Majority, Several Republicans Head for Exits

Cleansing the ACLU : Michigan and the case of Muslim footbaths.

Monkeying with man