Fla. Governor Crist may bet state budget on gambling

A deal with the Seminole Tribe could offer relief, he says.

As the political odds increasingly favor Las Vegas-style gambling on Florida tribal lands, the Seminole Tribe sees big dollar signs, and so does Gov. Charlie Crist.

La. Democrats sink to new low

"The Louisiana Democratic Party sunk to a new low earlier this week when the party unveiled a round of negative campaign advertising on television attacking Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal's faith in Jesus Christ." The offending commercial can be seen here.

Why the U.S. Ranks Low on WHO's Health-Care Study by John Stossel

The New York Times recently declared "the disturbing truth ... that ... the United States is a laggard not a leader in providing good medical care."

As usual, the Times editors get it wrong.

Ministry Sues to Keep Same-Sex Ceremonies Out of Its Facility

(CNSNews.com) - A Methodist group that refuses to let homosexuals hold civil union ceremonies at one of its retreat facilities is suing New Jersey officials to prevent the state from forcing the church to violate its religious beliefs.

Jacksonville Jaguars Gives Planned Parenthood Abortion Business $30K Grant

Hate Crimes Law Defy Testimony of Experience

by Tony Perkins

Subverting Rights You Relish Will Catch Up With You

Right about now, Christian fundamentalists are shouting, "Told you so!" And gay-rights advocates have nobody but themselves to blame. Social conservatives long have maintained that laws and constitutional amendments defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman were needed because if gay marriage gained a foothold, then religious freedom would soon be under fire. As Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council (FRC) put it last year, "When we look at what has happened with same-sex marriage . . . we've seen in its wake the loss of religious freedoms and the ability to speak out based upon one's moral convictions."

Group launches anti-embryonic stem cell initiative

A group called Cures Without Cloning filed ballot language with the Missouri Secretary of States office for a state Constitutional amendment that would prohibit funding for any type of research, including SCNT, that involves human cloning, said Curt Mercadante, a spokesman for the group.

Kids First...Then everyone else follows onto government health care! By David Freddoso

Late last week, the Bush administration announced plans to curb the practice of states putting already-insured and non-needy children on the rolls of a federal program that subsidizes health insurance for uninsured and needy children.

Beltway Brat Packers: Bipartisan pushers and shovers and VIP linecutters.

By Michelle Malkin

Everything you hate about the culture of Washington is symbolized in two recent altercations involving two obnoxious Beltway buttinskis, one Democrat and one Republican.