Gay Marriage On Agenda As Calif. Lawmakers Return To Work

Ireland Amnesty International Affiliate Won't Promote Pro-Abortion View

An Unjust Judge by Nan Aron (The Washington Post must have felt bad they actually endorsed a fair process in the judicial nomination system and immediately let the liberal Alliance for Justice respond - I'm so sure they would grant us equal time on other issues.) Ed Whelan has a good response to Mr. Arons response here.

Faceoff looms at new Planned Parenthood

Abortion foes vow to launch protests and urge boycotts when the organization begins building the $4.2 million center at Stapleton, a site previously kept secret.

The 109th Congress: An Old Political Era Ends Will the New Era Steer the Nation to Rougher Fiscal Waters or a Brighter Horizon? By Demian Brady

Congress Approval Rating Matches Historical Low

Just 18% approve of job Congress is doing