Our own Tom McClusky (not that anybody really "owns" Tom McClusky...) has penned an op-ed for National Review Online calling for the abolition of the office of Surgeon General:

The position of surgeon general today has become mostly one of a bully pulpit to serve as a federally funded advocate for various health causes (complete with a uniform straight out of a Gilbert and Sullivan play I am the very model of a modern surgeon general.) The authority of the surgeon general has been reduced through reorganizations and, we are led to believe, a politicization of the confirmation process. Today, the office has a budget of $3 million and the surgeon general is paid close to $200,000 annually. However they have little or no authority to coordinate the federal governments public health activities. This coordination is already being done by more than 50 different federal offices that are involved in protecting public health.

Read the rest at NRO.