Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Cavemen have feelings too. At least thats what two groups are saying about GEICOs prehistoric spokesmen. For the last two years, the insurance giant has made a series of commercials that are meant to show how simple it is to save money with GEICO. In the spoofs, a group of Neanderthals are offended by the slogan, So easy a caveman could do it. Well, it turns out that in real life some people are offended. The British-based Association of Social Anthropologists is denouncing language like GEICOs, saying that words like Stone Age and primitive are racist and imperialist. Another outfit called Survival International says that the words directly contribute to the suffering of... indigenous people around the world. How absurd! Weve gone so far down the path of political correctness that were protecting the interests of people who dont even exist! What next? Will we soon see a Caveman Anti-Defamation League? The world wastes so much time trying not to offend that real threats are slipping by right under our noses. If we were as sensitive to the truth as we are to sensitivity training, America would be much better off.

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