Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

The online dating service called may have met its match. Last week, a California lesbian decided to sue the site for refusing to serve homosexuals. Linda Carlson, who initiated the case, says she subscribed to eHarmony to meet other women, but couldnt because of how the service is arranged. Since its creation, the site has matched couples based on a long questionnaire of shared interests and valuesbut never have those shared values included homosexuality. When Carlson complained, eHarmony refused to budge. Now, on charges of discrimination, Carlson is taking her grievance to court. Founded by Christian Dr. Neil Warren, the site says its purpose is to help couples establish successful heterosexual marriages. For Warren, the question isnt whether eHarmony violates state law but whether Carlson is threatening to violate the companys moral code. Californias law may protect people based on sexual orientation, but it doesnt do so at the expense of someone elses religious conviction. This is just another example of homosexuals trying to sue their way into acceptance. But in this case of eHarmony, the court should say e-nough!

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