Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

The program may be called STAY, but New Hampshire parents are calling for it to go! Two weeks ago, the Manchester group, which is associated with a middle school, took 41 at-risk kids to Planned Parenthood for a field trip. The middle schoolers were supposed to be taken on a tour of social service agenciesbut thats hardly how Id describe the citys biggest abortion provider. Although STAY is sponsored by the YMCA, the local president says hed have never authorized such a visit. Neither would parentsthat is, if theyd been given the opportunity. According to reports, the principal in charge didnt bother to inform parents. And regardless of how families feel about abortion, almost everyone objected to having their kids exposed to the clinic without their consent. Manchester residents are so outraged that the mayor is calling for an immediate investigation. But imagine the controversy if these kids had visited a pro-life group! The ACLU would have been in Manchester faster than you can say viewpoint discrimination. The bottom line is that schools should be teaching children, not indoctrinating them. And if STAY really wants to help at-risk kids, it should give them the tools to change their behaviornot perpetuate it!

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