FRC hosted a policy discussion on global warming with panelists Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Dr. Kenneth Chilton, Dr. Jim Ball, and Dr. Lowell Pritchard. Ball and Pritchard are associated with the Evangelical Environmental Network and advocate a strong response to human-caused climate change. Beisner is at Interfaith Stewardship Alliance. He and Chilton advocate environmental stewardship that avoids significant economic impacts on the poor, and crafted a rebuttal to EENs Urgent Call to Action on climate change.

Don Bosch of The Evangelical Ecologist live-blogged the event and had a number of interesting comments, including:

I thought the discussion was very civil, at least what I caught of it. Happy about the concensus that climate change must not be an issue that divides the Church. Debating the issue is good, and we may have different ideas about how to deal with climate change (human-caused, naturally-occurring, or some combination), but that shouldnt divide the family of God.

Click here to listen to the audio online.