Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

I suppose when it comes to abortion, some countries are still waiting for their ship to come in. Well, in Europe they wont have to wait long. According to reports, the Dutch government is lifting its three-year ban on the floating abortion clinic. In 2004, Dutch officials shut down the campaign, deciding that the Women on Waves Foundation was rocking the boat on international abortion policy. Last week, the new Dutch leaders reversed coursewhich means that Women on Waves could set sail as early as this month. When it does, the ship will be stocked with cases of abortion pills like RU-486 for women up to seven weeks pregnant. Since the ship is flown under a Dutch flag, women who live in countries with tighter abortion laws can come aboard. Women on Waves plans to dock as well. Among other things, theyll provide abortion advice and contraceptives. Rebecca Gomperts, the director of the Foundation, says theyve been in touch with organizations in several different countries. Considering the threat that RU-486 poses to women and children, the pro-life movement is going to need all hands on deck to throw this bad idea overboard.

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