Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Some people have accused environmental crowd of going overboard on global warming. But this time, they mean it. In a massive publicity stunt, Greenpeace is rebuilding Noahs ark on Mount Ararat where the Bible said it landed after the flood. According to liberal theories, global warming is causing the seas to rise and envelop the earth. Theyre hoping this ark will serve as a warning of what could happen if mankind doesnt act quickly on climate change. But even if Greenpeace is rightand many scientists doubt they arethe ocean is only predicted to rise 20 feet, hardly enough to make the ark necessary. And of course, if Greenpeace had read biblical account from start to finish, theyd understand why the idea is so ironic. In Genesis, climate change didnt cause the floodmans wickedness did. And what saved Noah wasnt his boatbut Gods mercy. Unfortunately, Greenpeace is using the ark to call on man to save himself. But the reality is, without faith in God, there is no salvationnot from global warming, and certainly not from sin. Believing in anything else than the Lords benevolent rule is bound to leave people high and dry.

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