Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

To what extent will the public schools go to indoctrinate our children? They apparently will ford every stream and climb every mountain, including Brokeback Mountain. That is why one family is suing the Chicago Board of Education. Twelve year-old Jessica Turner was forced to watch the movie about illicit homosexual behavior during class. Her grandfather said, This was the last straw. [T]he lawsuit was necessary because... [this] was against our faith. According to reports, a substitute teacher showed Brokeback Mountain at Ashburn Community Elementary School without parents knowledge or consent. The lawsuit claims the woman shut the classroom door and told students, What happens in Ms. Bufords class stays in Ms. Bufords class. The film, which follows two gay cowboys, is rated R for nudity and sexuality. In other words, the movies hardly appropriate for adultslet alone children. But unfortunately, these are the drastic measures teachers are willing to take to indoctrinate our kids with the homosexual agenda. And unless more families tell the school to take a hike, these attacks on childrens innocence will continue to climb.

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