Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

You know that old phrase, Children should be seen and not heard? Well, according to Congress, the same should apply to voters. For the last few months, liberals in the House and Senate have worked overtime to pass lobby reform bills. They claim the bills would clean up the corruption in Washington, but Congressman Harry Waxmans version would actually make it worsebecause it limits the rights of people like you to contact government officials about specific issues. And Americans would be less likely to know what those issues are, if groups like FRC are limited in how they can alert people to whats happening in Congress through a grassroots lobbying provision that is in the bill as well. Politicians are no different than you and me. They dont like to be criticized. As James Bopp wrote in the National Review, The temptation to use [the] government... to silence opponents is a powerful one... The Framers of our Constitution countered it by vesting the powers of the government with the people. The First Amendment was created to protect the peoples participation. Nows the time to exercise those rights and remind legislators that its government by and for the peoplenot the politicians!

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