Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

You might be surprised to learn that the latest threat to the planet isnt global warming or climate changeits your kids. At least thats what a group of radical environmentalists are saying. A new paper by Optimum Population Trust claims that children are bad for the planet. The group says that if couples had one less child, they could seriously reduce CO2 emissions. In a May 4th editorial, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society is taking things a step further. Hes calling on the world to decrease its population by more than five billionan agenda that would only be possible with forced abortion and sterilization. Its ironic. People on the Left want to keep the government out of their private lives, but they have no problem pushing Uncle Sam to fund Planet Parenthood and worldwide family planning. Some are blaming the bio-threats on a spiritual crisis. But the real crisis isnt that were having too many children, but too few. If we arent careful, the endangered species wont be whalesbut humans. Which makes me wonderif we take the advice to stop having kids, just who would we be saving the earth for?

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