Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Tylenol is supposed to relieve headachesnot cause them. But for the parents of Gabriella Nieves, one little pill led to a world of pain. Gabriella, an eighth grader at Northside Middle School in Norfolk, Virginia, took a Tylenol from her friend during history class, but she never had a chance to swallow it. When her teacher saw the exchange, she sent Gabriella to the office and called security. Apparently, Gabriella violated the schools policy that says only a nurse or administrator can dispense medication. Later that day, she was suspended and ordered to complete a drug and alcohol program. Whats worse, the incident will show up on Gabriellas permanent record. Obviously, teachers want kids to get over-the-counter medicine from a school official to make sure its legitimate. But, if safety is the first priority, how can schools justify handing out everything from free birth control to abortion pills without a parents consent? Encouraging promiscuity poses a far greater risk to childrens health than pain relievers. If these schools honestly believe that Tylenols more dangerous than promoting safe sex, then they need a good, strong dose of reality!

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