Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

In the Windy City people are getting blown away all right, but not by the weather. A controversial new billboard is mocking marriage to turn a profit. The ad features photos of a woman in lingerie, a mans muscular chest, and the message, Lifes short. Get a divorce. The ad, sponsored by a Chicago law firm, hopes to attract new clients by encouraging couples to trade in their spouses for a newer model. Fetman, Garland, and Associates have taken a lot of heat for their approach, and rightfully so. Divorce isnt a product that needs marketing especially in America. At a time when half of all couples split, these lawyers hardly need to drum up more business. Partner Corri Fetman said the ad promotes happiness. But happiness for whom? Not the adults, who suffer physically and financially from divorce. And certainly not the children, who grow up with deep emotional scars. Come to think of it, the only people who benefit from divorce are lawyers. The real irony of their billboard is that its true. Studies show that life is shorter for couples who dont stay married.

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