Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

According to one hotel, saving souls isnt nearly as important as saving the environment. Under a policy that started last month, guests at the Gaia Napa Valley Hotel wont find the Gideon Bible in their nightstand, but they will have a copy of Al Gores book on global warming. Apparently, hotel executives have decided to replace absolute Truth with An Inconvenient Truth, or better titled Incomplete Truth. As one spokesman says, its the hotels attempt to go green. Theyve also switched out traditional room features with solar lighting, recycled paper, and low-flow toilets. Thirty-five miles south, the Orchard Garden Hotel is following suit and others say theyll do the same. But not everyone thinks Al Gores truth will set them free. Lets face ita lot more people believe the prophetic events of the Bible will come to pass before the shaky predictions of An Inconvenient Truth. Now Im not against Christian stewardship, but when nature worship takes the place of real worship, then America has bigger problems than people realize. When it comes to global warming, these hotels should be less worried about the heat and more concerned about the Light.

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