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Whats So Important About May 3rd, Pray Tell?

by Tony Perkins

May 3, 2007

Here’s today’s Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

In Congress, the new leadership has given Americans plenty of reasons to get down on their knees and pray. From hate crimes legislation to bills on domestic partnerships, our country is under attack. But, we should remember that no piece of legislation or ruling by the courts is more capable of changing this nation than prayer itself. The Bible says, Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. The National Day of Prayer is set aside for our country to humble ourselves before the Lordto ask for His mercy on us, our families, and our nation. Every morning, newspaper headlines remind me of how much we as a nation, and as individuals need Jesus. So today, join millions of people all across America in asking God to heal our land. As I meet with our nations leaders here in Washingtonmany of whom are Christianstheir request is often the same: pray for us. Ask Him to bless our president and our leaders in Congress with wisdom. But most importantly, ask the Lord to draw the hearts of the people of America into a personal relationship with Him. God is all-powerful and all-loving, and Hes made a way for us to come boldly before the throne of gracenot just today, but every day.

To download this commentary as an MP3, follow this link. For an e-mail subscription to the Washington Watch Daily radio commentary, go here.

Progressives and Fertility Attitudes

by Jared Bridges

May 2, 2007

Over at Books & Culture, there’s an interesting interview of Phillip Longman, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation. Longman talks with interviewer W. Bradford Wilcox about the current attitude among progressives (Longman calls himself a progressive) regarding population growth.

You are a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, a progressive think tank. Why should progressives be concerned about fertility declines in the West? How do fertility declines specifically threaten progressive values and public policies?

It’s fair to say that most self-described “progressives” don’t agree with me that low fertility is a problem. Many environmentalists, for example, believe that fewer people means a cleaner environment. Other progressives suppose that a decline in population would increase the amount of food and other resources available to the poor. Many feminists, gays, and “childless by choice” people in general feel threatened by suggestions that society needs more children. And when it’s pointed out that the lowest birthrates are generally found among the most “progressive” people, then the conversation gets really heated.

On all these counts, I believe progressives are in denial. Today in the United States, for example, we have far cleaner air and water than we did in the 1940s, when the population was just half its current size. That’s no paradox. Population growth is a spur to more efficient and cleaner use of resources, so our cities are no longer choked with smoke from steam engines and our cars get far better mileage and are far less polluting. Similarly, population growth is what drove us as a society to find far more productive ways to grow food. Thanks to increased crop yields, per capita food production is higher than ever, even as world population surpasses 6 billion. At the same time, there is more forested land in the United States than in the 19th century because so much less acreage is needed for farmland.

The whole interview is well-worth reading, especially given the ever-increasing number of people on the left who call for fewer babies.

The Silence Of The Lambs: Congress Uses Lobby Reform To Hush Opposition

by Tony Perkins

May 1, 2007

Here’s today’s Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

You know that old phrase, Children should be seen and not heard? Well, according to Congress, the same should apply to voters. For the last few months, liberals in the House and Senate have worked overtime to pass lobby reform bills. They claim the bills would clean up the corruption in Washington, but Congressman Harry Waxmans version would actually make it worsebecause it limits the rights of people like you to contact government officials about specific issues. And Americans would be less likely to know what those issues are, if groups like FRC are limited in how they can alert people to whats happening in Congress through a grassroots lobbying provision that is in the bill as well. Politicians are no different than you and me. They dont like to be criticized. As James Bopp wrote in the National Review, The temptation to use [the] government… to silence opponents is a powerful one… The Framers of our Constitution countered it by vesting the powers of the government with the people. The First Amendment was created to protect the peoples participation. Nows the time to exercise those rights and remind legislators that its government by and for the peoplenot the politicians!

To download this commentary as an MP3, follow this link. For an e-mail subscription to the Washington Watch Daily radio commentary, go here.

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