Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

It looks like Disney had another goofy idea. Last Friday, the company announced that same-sex couples can now participate in its Fairy Tale Wedding program. Until this month, Disneys policy banned homosexuals because the packages required a valid marriage license from California or Florida. But Disney now says that to create an inclusive environment, the Fairy Tale Wedding guidelines will include commitment ceremonies. But as far as American families are concerned, this is no magic kingdom. For decades, Disney has been the ultimate kids vacation. Now the innocent fun will be dwarfed by a politically correct celebration of homosexuality. Since Disney hosted its first Gay Day, it was obvious that Disney stopped reflecting the values of America and began trying to shape them. We arent in the business of making judgments... about our guests, said one spokesman. But for these couples, the same-sex lifestyle leads to anything but a storybook ending. This latest move by Disney shows that instead of creating wholesome entertainment for children, as Mr. Disney did, the Disney enterprise is now seeking to create fantasies for homosexuals.

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