Here's today's Washington Watch Daily commentary from FRC Radio:

Usually, the news that more people are practicing abstinence is a good thing. Not this time. The Boston Globe reported that states are abstainingabstaining from federal funding for programs that tell kids to save sex for marriage. Connecticut, Rhode Island, Montana, New Jersey, and Wisconsin have all either dropped out of the program or plan to by the end of the year. In Ohio, Governor Ted Strickland announced that he was slashing the half-million dollars in his budget for abstinence education. Quite frankly, I dont believe abstinence work[s], he said. Theres not data that shows it prevents... sexual activity outside of marriage. But Strickland ought to spend more time researching and less time criticizing. Since President Bush started funding abstinence programs, teenage pregnancy rates have dropped almost 10%. And thats no coincidence. Americans may disagree about how effective contraception is, but every study says the same thing about abstinencethe kids who practice it dont get diseases and they dont get pregnant. Its time we all reminded our leaders that when it comes to sexual relationships, the best investment is teaching kids to just say no.

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